Driven by the belief that creativity can change the world


we curate artful brand experiences and craft design solutions that empower entrepreneurs, arts forward organizations, and small business’ to bring their budding & big ideas to fruition.


A business can be a prototype for the world you want to live in.

Jennifer Armbrust


Founded in 2013 with the idea that creativity + entrepreneurship will shape a brighter positive future. We believe 2 simple things:

  1. art brings people together

  2. stories are the building blocks of culture

These concepts motivate our practice & spark joy! Our goal is to help each of our clients discover, expand and communicate their vision in fresh ways that make their dream customers and new audiences say “OH!". Our approach is a blend of the quixotic and strategic - peppered with empathy and humor. We thrive with creative challenges, hire artists and love collaborating with movers, shakers and place makers who are on a mission and have a story to share.



We specialize in creating visual narratives in the physical (IRL) and digital world (URL). We develop compelling brand identities, create spicy content, design pro-websites, curate exhibitions and consult on creative projects.


Brand Experience
Art Curation
Exhibition Design
Custom Commissions


Brand Identity
Squarespace + Shopify websites
Social Media Strategy + Content


Film & Video


In Good Company


Create with Intention

We are proud to partner with non-profits and mission driven projects.


Meet the Founder

Olivia Ives-Flores

Hey there! My name is Olivia Ives-Flores (but friends call me Olive) I am an artist, curator and designer - living and creating in Boston & NYC. I love working with creative entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions who have BIG ideas and a vision to express.

With a keen eye for detail, I intuitively mingle the quixotic with a pragmatic yet empathetic (and humorous) approach to storytelling, experience & design. I believe that creating from a place of connection and awareness leads to clarity of expression and is the foundation to a memorable experience. 

Want to see more? Feel free to follow me over on my instagram.

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