A call to action

Directly, after the election, whenever my mind started to wander, wondering what the next four years will bring. I would instantly feel a palpable tightening in my chest. Just that one thought would bring a wave sadness followed by a rush of anxiety like an orange smear across my happiness. Now a few months have passed, and slowly I have been noticing my emotional responses have started to evolve. A new understanding and vision for the future is starting to appear in my mind's eye. Last night at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep expressed those feelings with incredible eloquence. What resonated with me the most was " Take that Broken Heart & Turn it in to ART" a quote she shared by the late Carrie Fisher. 

These words reminded me, that as humans we certainly have our work cut out for us. But as artists at the helm of culture, we also have work to do. It is our responsibly to use our creativity to empower & support those without a voice, to share stories that will inspire change & provoke empathy and to CREATE the vision of the world we all desire. Don't forget that as artists we have that power. So use it.

Olivia Ives-Flores

Olivia is an artist, curator and designer living and working in Boston & NYC. Blending artistic fluency with a passion for art, branding and design, she specializes in designing visual narratives, exhibition curation and building brands that bring people together around art in the physical and digital world. 

Friends like to call her Olive :)