"There is no better way to connect with a place and engage with it’s people than to stand in their streets, brush in hand, in the moment, working the changing light. " 
¡PAINT CUBA! is a plein air painting workshop organized and taught by my father, Enrique Flores-Galbis. For 10 days, my family + 10 painting students traveled to Cuba to experience the land through paint. Through the support of generous patrons, I was able to travel and create in exchange for making art based on the trip. This inaugural trip to Cuba was truly life changing, I returned with an entirely new perceptive and appreciation for the freedoms we have in the U.S. to build, manifest and expand our visions of what is humanly possible. 
Here are some highlights....


Our trip started in Havana, by day we explored the enigmatic city; painting in the streets, visiting artists in their studios, learning about the history, architecture and gardens with local historian, touring museums with the collections curator and by night we enjoyed authentic Cuban cooking, live music and of course dancing . 
The light in Havana pours across the city like syrup, sticking in every corner.

The light in Havana pours across the city like syrup, sticking in every corner.


For the second half of our trip we travelled deep in to the country side of the Viñales Valley. One afternoon we took a brigade of paso fino horses out in to the hills. We rode on horseback through small farm villages, passing tin roofed shacks, farmers tilling the land by ox and open fields of royal palms and wild horses. We rode to the top of a mountain and spent the sunset painting and drawing the views. Night unfolded as we made the journey home and soon the land was covered in a blanket of darkness with only the stars and the horses intuition of the land to guide us home.


Cruising through the Viñales Valley in a fleet of old cars. Taking in the breathtaking green vistas of mogotes, tobacco fields and fertile groves. Lush vistas pouring out for miles under the endless blue skies.


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Olivia Ives-Flores

Olivia is an artist, curator and designer living and working in Boston & NYC. Blending artistic fluency with a passion for art, branding and design, she specializes in designing visual narratives, exhibition curation and building brands that bring people together around art in the physical and digital world. 

Friends like to call her Olive :)