My priority is helping you create a website & brand identity that achieves your goals and communicates what makes you and your brand unique. Your answers to the following questions will help us work together to prioritize the agenda and strategize our creative approach.

Take your time filling out the project questionnaire - but keep in mind that we can only schedule your production week once you have filled out the form. 




Hey ! Who are you? What do you do? Let's talk about the short term and long term goals of your business & art. 

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Please describe the work you do. The products you sell, the services you offer, or the content you create.
i.e. incredible client relations, specialized skill set, unique experiences etc ...
Describe the ideal visitor to your website. Consumers or other businesses? Young or old? Contemporary or Traditional? Looking to Spend or Learn? Local or "Out of Town"?
When your ideal visitor arrives, what frame of mind are they in? Seeking information? Ready to purchase? What would you want them to do on your website before they left? Contact you? Book an appointment? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter?
What brands and/or individuals do you consider competition? What makes you or your business unique/special/different?


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Please share links to websites or pinterest boards that inspire you and you feel resonate with your brand aesthetic.


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What pages will you need on your site?
What content sharing platform do you prefer?
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Ideal launch date
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All of your website content must be prepared and shared 1 week before your scheduled design week for review. All content (copy, images, video etc..) must be organized by page and shared via our shared website folder. Below are some helpful tips for creating your content.

1. LIST YOUR PAGES: Start by listing all of your requested pages in a shared document (i.e. Homepage, About, Contact etc..) 6 pages or less is recommended to keep your website streamlined and focused on what's TRULY important for your business. If you need more pages - no problem ! Just remember that additional pages are considered an add-on and will billed separately.

Once your pages are listed, start working on the appropriate copy for each section. I.e. Homepage : Tagline, short about, services etc.. ) If you are having trouble we can work together to identify the pages and function. It is recommended to use a google doc for this so we can "live edit" together.

2. CREATE A FOCAL POINT: Remember that question we asked, "What in your business are you most confident in?" Keep this in mind when you are writing your website content so we can highlight this on your website.  For instance: If you have remarkable chemistry with your clients and have gathered rave reviews, then feature it! Maximize your strongest traits and let the other stuff go. Tell your story in your own voice and talk to your people about your work from the heart. This will help you stand out and remain true to yourself.

3. GATHER YOUR IMAGES: Make sure to organize your photos in folders on your computer for each page and gallery. 1-3 galleries with no more than 15-20 images each is recommended . Please be sure to resize the images you will be using to no more than 500 kb. HERE is a helpful guide of our recommendations of formatting your images for web. If you need to resize your images you can check out a list of recommended software to use HERE.

If you have additional questions, thoughts or concerns.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch!