#LOVEATFIRSTSLIME is a couture collaboration between artist Jordan Piantedosi and designer Erin Robertson. I have been working with these ladies to help them define and promote their collection as well as art directing shoots with photographer Zacharie Lanoue with models Golden Sweet and Devin Hentz.



Love at First Slime is a body of work that strives to marry the elegant and the obscene. Once upon a time, a girl could be advised to "enter a man's heart through his stomach," a turn of phrase that conjures images of an alien femme who burrows merrily between the internal organs of her host - or perhaps bakes him a pie. Love is patient. Love is strange. Love is messy. Love comes from above. Or below. Or from the side. Love is our most noble emotion, and yet we express our love in a myriad of ways we'd rather not describe out loud. Today we celebrate the beautiful beast that is the body, ruled and tormented by her head, her heart, her stomach, and her loins. Today we dress the body up in our love, and the labors of our wild hands. We hope that your mouth waters in anticipation of rare, unspeakable pleasure!

XOXO Erin Robertson & Jordan Piantedosi




"From the seamless craftsmanship and intricate detail work of each piece, the line undoubtedly exhibits both Piantedosi’s enormous artistic talent that shines through with every mermaid and flower pattern she incorporates, and Robertson’s impeccable ability to craft intrepid dress designs." Said journalist, Alex Khatchad­ourian reporting for BDC Wire

An article in  BOSTON COMMON  highlighting the collaboration

An article in BOSTON COMMON highlighting the collaboration

Fashion Teaser by  Dillon Buss

Fashion Teaser by Dillon Buss