On a whim, Eve (young Swedish traveler) accepts an invitation from Peter (wealthy heir) to vacation on his family’s private island off the coast of New England. As a series of unexpected delays prevent other guests from arriving, Eve discovers that she has little in common with the increasingly erratic Peter and that something is not quite right on this mysterious island. Gradually the idyllic natural beauty of her surroundings dissolves, and Eve finds herself trapped in an unstable reality punctuated by feverish visions, dimensional shifting, and secret pizza.

As the art director of this bizarre independent feature film it was my responsibility to scour the island of Martha's Vineyard sourcing props, seeking magical locations, working with artists, and dressing scenes with subtle yet specific and surreal nuances.


Written and directed by Matthew Lessner

Photos by Zach Lanoue 

Director: Matthew Lessner

Screenplay: Matthew Lessner

Cinematography: Aaron Kovalchik

Producers: David Henry Gerson, Vanessa Gazy, Beatrice von Schwerin

Art Director: Olivia Ives-Flores