It was a pleasure and honor to work with both the Boston Children’s Museum and the Sneaker Museum to curate ' ART for your FEET'  an interactive exhibition encouraging children to reimagine how they view sneakers and art. Prompted by the challenge of finding artistic inspiration in sneakers I choose 8 local artists to create a piece of art about sneakers - which resulted in an interactive collaborative mural by Ernest English, a magnetic photo puzzle by Zacharie Lanoue, a basketball hoop crocheted out of shoelaces by Maria Moltini and the NCAA Net Works, paintings by Alex Sewell,  Golden Sweet and Jordan Piantedosi, a photograph by Mitch Weiss, print/collage by Bill Maass, video art by Dillon Buss and a massive mono print of the universe by Julianne Merino. As well as displays featuring pieces from the Sneaker Museum's collection of baby kicks, cartoon and comic sneakers, year I-V Air Jordans and chrome textured sneakers reimagined as "flying" devices.