Late the other night, I was perusing Facebook, when I stumbled across an old post of a portrait my father painted, the summer my sister Mia turned one.

In this moment, I suddenly recognized the profound power of portraiture and how grateful I am that my father took the time to collect and render these integral moments for our family. It occurred to me that if I did not have these paintings, would I take the time to bask in the sweet childhood memories of summertime ? Would I remember Mia’s first swim in the Annisquam river? The smell of the sea breezes cascading though my little girl mane? Looking at this painting (on a computer screen), I can see my mother smiling back at us from the rocks. I can feel my father’s heart beating strong because he is proud, excited about the future and alive in this moment with his girls.

In this digital age of rapid imagery, portraiture remains a sincere experience that will extend many lifetimes. If you have ever pondered the idea of commissioning a portrait, I highly recommend the experience. 

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What is your favorite childhood memory?