When I saw Jordan's rant on Facebook,  I felt that the sentiment was very honest and thought it may resonate with others...

"All my life I've been absolutely certain of my path. My folks told me "you can be an artist, but it'll be hard, so you got to work hard." I've been taking art seriously and I've considered it my job and my calling since I was five. I consider myself a skilled laborer and I think I deserve at least $30 an hour for my work. And you know what? People don't question paying a plumber for doing his job. But people ask me for free work all the time and sometimes I get offended, especially if that person can afford to pay me for my work. I know I have an awesome life and I'm lucky and I feel guilty for not being 100% grateful and ‪#‎blessed‬ 24 hours a day. But it's not like I'm a little kid with a handful of crayons. This culture is visual and my skills are valuable." - JP 2014