Remarks on the opening of Yes Oui Si Gallery made by my father, Enrique Flores-Galbis

This generation of artist—born into the nurturing electronic mother cloud, has had an unprecedented wealth of images, information, and connections served up in their cradles with their morning Maypo.

Raised at the very edge of seemingly infinite streams of ideas they have become adept navigators of a rich shimmering world that fills their memory banks with images and virtual experiences that would have taken the most intrepid explorer many life times to compile.

This intimate – second nature – connection informs their reality, colors their perception of the real world, and most importantly, it has shaped a new mental landscape—a unique architecture that enables them to process and incorporate a wild array of ideas.

It is a given that artists will immerse themselves in this river of information. Artists have always been the first to embrace the new. By nature artists are itchy curious people—always running along the perimeter of the known— always looking for the gate.

Whether it is to share the view on the other side, or merely to scratch the itch, artists will always create, do their best to synthesize the new out of the mud of the old, even if they suspect that very few will see or understand the new worlds they have cobbled together for us.

That is why this unique art space / laboratory/ incubator is so important. This is a place where important questions can be asked— A place where the wildly varied flow of ideas can be integrated —reshaped into something of a narrative— a narrative that will reveal the new mental architecture that hopefully, will play a part in the resolution of some of the problems — facing our very real and very distressed old world.

Although It is a given, that artist will create, it is not a given that they will come together, with a shared vision to create a place such as this.

But the people who have made this possible, are unique.

I have never met a more talented, positive or sincere group of artists in my life.  Every time I’m around them I come away happier, more optimistic. Their contagious hope and lightness of being is pure antidote to a creeping negativism that threatens to hamstring artists, whose creative endeavors require an unwavering focus on the pin prick of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

For two years, Olivia and Miguel, have been coming down to New York to hammer out business plans, proposals, and create web sites. I’ve watched them  work for days on our dining room table, doing it once, then a second and a third time until it is exactly the way it needs to be.

Olivia and Miguel have heard the creaking of the gate, they both have a self-less desire to create meaning from the varied flow of narratives in which they are immersed. They have a vision, and most importantly, I think, a need to create community.

Yes Oui Si, their first permanent space, is just the beginning.

There will be other spaces—further refinements of vision. I have no doubt that this space will give birth to the artists, curators, directors, and musicians whose work will shape and influence the arts in the years to come.

They have already proven their ability to organize, mobilize, and finalize, proven that they are worthy to fly the triple affirmative flag of  YES  OUI  SI.

Now it is our turn. We must make sure the light bulbs keep burning in this incubator—that we support and nurture this idea —these restless artists scratching at the gate of something big.